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The management business of service center

We do collectively various after-sale service, such as repair, exchange and Customer Consulting Support of the repair article when the product sold.Thereby, the customer is enabled to concentrate only on the sales and the overconcentration of management resources.
In all processes, We use the customer's name on management, and there is a method of doing business as if the customers have their original service center in their companies,or a method of taking all after-sale services of the products depended on ITC, and a method of establishing a service center to customer’s companies. and we will customize all in the form which fits the customer most. Moreover, we accept not only package commission but partial commission. Please refer to the following about the details of partial commission.

Customer Consulting office

We do various processings ,and it corresponds to the right of a buyer increasing after the Product Liability Law enforcement. Sensitive correspondence is required these days.,if you take a wrong transaction of the claim from users,the degree of user’s satisfaction:as a result the customer's image to your corporate, would be changed by transaction. Moreover,our knowledge of the structure and constitution of electric products which do not appear in an instructions manual is also abundant. So we can certainly be dealt also with a special inquiry. Of course, we can respond to a telephone, fax, e-mail,any channel, and we will report all to details of the transaction.
(An example of our track record: the Customer Consulting Support such as an inquiry of CDR-DVD media etc.)

Repair , Exchange survice

There are a series of technical survice of fixing by having a repair article sent (or exchange)from users, and returning to them when the repair is finished. Although we believe it the most certain way is to exchange the article.However, in many cases,products are not out of order and it is only misunderstands of the manual, or failure by some users.But it becomes easy to develop into a claim by some cases, even if it exchanges or become two or more repair., fundamental causes (a user's misapprehension etc.)will not solve, Moreover, there are some situations;depending on the contents of failure,will be cheaper by many fixable things and exchanging them without using parts etc.We check the contents of failure and our company will return by giving repair, exchange, explanation,according to it.Our transacton takes cooperation not only with user directly dealings but also with the store, and the business trip repair organization or visits to user home such as physical distribution organization construction.
(An example of our track record: Various repair/exchange service of commercial equipment and consumer appliances (various household appliance article:sounds, white things, seasonal things, cooking, and cosmetics, electric device.)

Service for recall

Always, when the trouble of goods manufacture is revealed,the urgent recovery and management may be needed before goods saled or not.Usually, the domestic arrival goods need some repair works in the country. And there are inconvenience to routine work in order to work a large number at short time for delivery. But in our company,we can do urgent transactons in that case.
(An example of our track record:Article fault of 7000 electrical appliances 1 week for transaction etc.)

The reproduction of new articles service

We have a check and operation work for returned goods by personal reasons of customers , or defective products etc.In these cases,we will take a index check, coating exchange and return them to the mrket as a new articles or new recycled articles. At the same time, it is possible to reuse a new parts of articles and to use it at the time of repair business.
(An example of our track record : an inner half, although it became returned goods by the calling-off from goods saled in a mail order route etc,and half of them resolded in the market.)

Analysis and sampling inspection survice

In order to confirm whether a circuit-problem and a mounting part are right among the products distribution,we will check the contents of a mounting part check and circuitry based on a circuit diagram. It is especially effective if you believe the safety of products is most important. (It is only a primary analysis, and the final judgment depended on a manufacture factory)
(An example of our track record: -- for example in case of fire and smoke from cosmetics apparatus,we will investigate and examine all circuits and find countermeasures for it.etc.)

Dispatch of engineers to service center

Saving engineers becomes most important for some companies which have their own customer's original service center.However,it would be a high cost to employ engineers as a full-time employees.In additon, the staff management is not easy to control in a peak season or off-peak season.Moreover when contracting with an individual engineer,it is difficult to clarify the responsibility at the time of a problem occurring . But if you take our survise,we can send staff to your service center to work for your companies.
(An example of our track record: Engineers dispatch to a life electrical appliance manufacture,a general electrical appliance manufacture.)

In addition

Besides these services above,we also support customers by more different technical services.So,please contact us if you need any support in the after-sale service of your products in Jaoan.Also,we can change the contents of survice or make a new survice system to be more beneficial to you after an arrangement.