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Engineer group who realizes basic philosophy from the date of establishment

We make a promise with this three things to customers.

1. Our repair business is performed in our company using the original repair process control system of our company. And the cost is cheaper than a client employs a special staff at his company service center.
2. We fix the span from delivery to arrival of goods of a repair article by doing any work such as OJT in the company with sufficient staff.Even though the repair articles focus on a peak season,our service can abolishe a long period of inconvenience on the end-users.
3. A skillful engineer will give you a positive maintenance advice in the period from the claim of products occurs until it be repaired.So it contributes to improvement in CS directly, and make the customer of end users to be your fans:regulars.

By these three terms into the basic philosophy of the technical operation division in our company, and using equipment to a client effectively with the staff of our company. We offer solutions, such as improvement in cost reduction, shortening the time for delivery, increasing quality improvement, and management-resources centralization to a direct department.
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